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Ecostella Cuts Energy & Your Cancellations!

Solar Pros - 100% done-for-you install to ensure a happy homeowner within days, not weeks!

Cut whole-home energy waste by 5-15% year round... and decrease your solar cancellations by 50-75% within days.

Save Homeowners & provide more value, Nationwide.


Hyper Focused on Savings

Independent research shows our Ecostella unit saving over $300 per year at $0.10/kWh. How much would your client save?

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Easy Install

Similar to a smart thermostat, but more than twice the savings. Compatible with 90+% of current AC units (old and new). Typically takes 20 minutes or less. Installed in the air handler up to 5-ton AC units (no mini splits). All Low-voltage. Also works on heat pumps.See An Installation Done in 4 Minutes —>

Reach 100% offset. Lower panel count and overall job costs. Begin work within 10 days, and destroy 5-15% of their yearly kWh's along with you destroying other bids!

Endorsed by BPI

The Building Performance Institute is accredited by the American National Standards Institute (ANSI) as an approved developer of American National Standards.

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Trusted Portfolio

Check our case studies and commercial portfolio. We are the first to bring this technology to both the residential and commercial industries. We have something that will work better than ever before!!

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Partner Support

Our team is ready and waiting for your call. Whether it's a sales question, training, or need some help with installation, we're here every step of the way!

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100% Done-For-You Installs

Projects Starts & Happy Homeowners Within Days, Not Weeks!

Partners Cut Cancellations by More than 75%!

Added Value - Save Homeowners Thousands More!

Early Access to New Product Releases.

Early access to Commercial Inventory and Portfolio (see here)


Percent Savings


(on hvac)

Add Value. Differentiate. Be Better.

...And stop making excuses!

Find A Local Installer

Ecostella partners with service companies and have professionals across many states who are ready, willing ,and eager to provide quality work at competitive rates!


Jill C.


"I had this little gem installed last year. Was very sceptical but trusted my energy efficiency expert. Did not see much difference at first as I normally run an evaporative cooler. Well the cooler dies this year and I had to run the AC July, August, and September. In the past with no cooler my electric bill was approx. $350/month for a 5 ton unit. This year with the Ecostella the average was $275 for the 5th hottest year on record. The proof is in the pudding, the Ecostella works. Highly Recommend. "

Shawn M.


Ecostella made a huge difference in our electric bills, especially in the summer months. It seems to work even better now that we got a smart thermostat. We own several rentals in our area and will be putting these on all of our tenant's AC units moving forward. We would recommend this device to anyone that has central heating & air conditioning.

Valerie C.

Indio, CA

"We absolutely love our Ecostella. We have two units, and the customer service alone made it worth it."


Stella Partners

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No contracts

We ship - you pay weekly/monthly (as you need)

Don't get stuck holding inventory

No minimum order size - after first order

Ships in 5-10 days


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